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A little bit
of history


The traditions of food fermentation dating back thousands of years did not bypass the Pakruojis manor either. Even in the 16th century The underground cellars installed in the manor made it possible to preserve the harvest all year round. Fermented products were not only part of the daily diet of the lords and workers of the manor, but also ensured their resistance to diseases in the cold season. Although the benefits of good bacteria found in fermented products for the body were discovered by science just over 100 years ago, already in the 16th century. the nobles knew where the secret of longevity lay. Today, as the culture of healthy lifestyle and living food is becoming more and more popular, we invite you to taste the exclusive recipes of Pakruojis manor and delight your body with good probiotics.

Fermentation  is a natural process in which microorganisms such as yeast and bacteria convert carbohydrates such as starch and sugar into alcohol or vinegar. a natural preservative and not only allows food to be preserved for a long time, but also gives them additional tastes and smells. During fermentation, millions of good bacteria called probiotics are also born, which strengthen the immune system, improve digestion and heart health. Therefore, when you eat fermented products, you also eat a lot of good probiotics, which have a positive effect on your body and general well-being. 


Fermented or


Fermented and pickled food are not the same. The main difference why fermented food is good for health is because of the preserved nutrients and probiotics born during fermentation. Unlike fermentation, during pickling, the hot solution of vinegar (usually unnatural) kills all the beneficial substances and bacteria naturally present in the vegetables.

Many beneficial properties are associated with fermented products. In fact, fermented products are much more valuable to your body than in their fresh form.

Here are some benefits:

Probiotics born during fermentation help to restore the balance of good bacteria in the body and solve digestive problems such as irritable bowel syndrome, bloating or constipation. Therefore, people facing such problems are recommended to include fermented products in their daily diet.


The bacteria living in your digestive system have a great influence on your immune system.   Due to the high number of probiotics, consuming fermented products strengthens your immune system and helps protect against various diseases and infections, such as colds. And when you get sick,   helps you recover faster. Most fermented foods are high in vitamin C, iron and zinc, which have been shown to help boost the immune system.



Our farm


When you arrive at Pakruojis manor, you can take a walk around our farm, which is expanding every year, where we grow experimental varieties of vegetables and herbs. It is true that we still cannot grow the necessary amount of vegetables ourselves, so we work closely with organic local farmers, from whom we get the most suitable vegetable varieties for fermentation, selected over many years. 

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