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Queen of the kitchen



Perfection lies in simplicity. These words are especially true in the kitchen. The highest quality ingredients and a pinch of special salt are all that is needed to reveal the true taste of the dishes. This simple "secret weapon" will quickly become your new best friend in the kitchen.

Smoked salt


Smoked for 48 hours and thoroughly infused with oak smoke, this salt will delight all grill lovers. By sprinkling it on already prepared dishes, you will give them the real spice of a dish cooked on fire. Use on all meat, fish and vegetable dishes.


Salt with thyme
and orange 

Salt with thyme and oranges is very suitable for flavoring various sauces and condiments, for use in marinades. It also goes well with poultry dishes and salads. Sprinkle it over prepared dishes as a finishing touch.

Very spicy salt

Liven up your dishes by giving them a fun spiciness! Natural sea salt with hot Habanero peppers will give your dishes a new dimension of taste. Use with all meat and vegetable dishes. You can also sprinkle it on popcorn or crackers.


Aromatic salt with lavender is suitable for flavoring your cookies, cakes or even cocktails. It will also add flavor to meat and vegetable dishes. And the calming effect of lavender will have a positive effect on well-being.


Lavender salt

taste it without leaving home

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