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Image by Misky

Handmade sauces


Smoked tomatoes

We decided to smoke the most popular sauce in the world - Ketchup.


Tomatoes smoked for several hours in the manor smokehouse absorb the aroma of oak smoke. Then the skins and seeds are carefully separated, everything is mashed and boiled for several more hours together with aromatic spices, until everything naturally steams and thickens to the required consistency. 

Smoked ketchup goes well with everything you put regular ketchup - from milk sausages to his majesty's barbecue. Also, perfect as a secret ingredient in plov or homemade burger sauce.

Beetroot BBQ
with truffles

​Manor culture in our region has always been famous for bringing world gastronomic innovations to Lithuania. Inspired by this, we make this sauce with Balsamic vinegar aged in Modena, Dijon mustard and truffles. Meanwhile, the beets in the recipe come from local farmers. In this way, we combine local and global values and continue the old traditions of the Manor.

This sauce has a deep, earthy, berry-like flavor that pairs well with poultry, slow-roasted or grilled meats. Meanwhile, the delicate aroma of truffles goes well with vegetables or grilled cheese. It is also worth trying to add a couple of tablespoons of this sauce to your favorite stew or soup recipe.  


If you love BBQ sauce, you must try this version.



Chili peppers, peppers, ginger and garlic spent several weeks in a fermentation tank create a special cocktail of flavors. 

This cocktail is then ground and sweetened with honey from local farmers to create this richly flavored chili sauce. 

Warming and aromatic spicy sauce is perfect for spicing up your favorite dishes. Naturally aromatic honey will go well with vegetables or poultry, and ginger will allow it to be perfectly adapted to dishes inspired by Asian flavors. 


taste it without leaving home

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